Mo-ho chih-kuan


    Mo-ho chih-kuan now available on CD-ROM: go to Kosei Publishing for details and to order.

Translations and studies on T'ien-tai/Tendai Buddhism by Paul L. Swanson

The Mo-ho chih-kuan (Great treatise on cessation-and-contemplation; T #1911, 46.1-140, in ten fascicles) is one of the major works by Chih-i (538-597), the founder of the T'ien-t'ai school of Buddhism. It is one of the most influential works of East Asian Buddhism, containing a comprehensive treatment of the teachings and practices of the Buddha Dharma, with a focus on the theory of Buddhist practice.

Status of the project: In 1990 Kosei Shuppansha, the publishing arm of Rissho Koseikai, initiated a project to translate the Mo-ho chih-kuan into Western languages. As of August 1999, first draft translations into English advanced to the end of the seventh fascicle (T 46.101). Work is focussing now on preparing a "provisional printing" (kari-shuppan) of the first four fascicles (T 46.1-48); and will soon be made available as searchable PDF files on a CD-ROM. Some electronic files will be added to this site as a "service" to the academic community and in response to frequent inquiries concerning the status of the translation. The files can be downloaded, displayed, and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free (see instructions below). Note that the files are in various stages of preparation; the glossaries in particular are under constant revision and modification. Comments, corrections, and constructive criticism are welcome; please send messages to "".

Sample PDF files of partial annotated translation of the Mo-ho chih-kuan::


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