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Center for the Study of Human Relations, Nanzan University

Nagoya, Japan

Center of the Study of Human Relations, originally established in Nanzan Junior College in 1977, rebuilt itself at Nanzan University in 2000. This center focuses on research and training in the area of "human relations", engaging the wide scope of programs and projects based on perspectives of behavioral science and christian worldview. It is one of a few academic research institutions that apply laboratory methods to experiential learning in Japan. "The Journal of Human Relations", the center's annual bulletin, reflects its research interests in areas such as humanistic psychology, human-centered education, mind-body integration, group dynamics, and organizational change. The center is committed to providing "human relations"training and facilitator's training in order to meet the needs of those who seek ways to bring change to systems such as school, corporations, health care institutions, and social work, and other such areas.